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Model building

Hey guys! Right now we are working on a TV commercial. For this we need to build a model landscape. None of us have ever built anything model before, so its learning by doing, but a lot of fun. Also we have got our very first intern at TOT. His name is Henrik and he is a great guy!  Check out the pics from the first couple of days:


Check back to see how it all ends up – Martin and Jonas









2012/06/07, 14:31
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Hey guys, we are working on some designs for Copenhagen custom motorcycle garage crew WrenchMonkees. These boys are killing it!! Yesterday Nicholas from WM came by and took some photos of us working on it. Check them all here. Can’t wait to show you the final designs!!

Also check out our site, it’s been updated! www.totcph.com


– Jonas and Martin

Tuesday Illustrations LXIV

– Martin and Jonas

TOT Identity

is in constant progress…

– Martin and Jonas

Just emptied my phone…

… apparently I eat a lot of disgusting food. There’s also other stuff.

These are all flicks from my last year in the twenties.
Turning 30 tomorrow.
One midlife crisis coming up…

– Jonas

Tuesday Illustrations LXIII

We’re kinda busy so we’re not really consistent in our ‘Tuesday Illustrations’, sorry about that. But this tuesday we had some time…

Have a good one

– Jonas

World Mural

We did this in a private apartment in Nørrebro.

– Martin and Jonas

Another URBAN illustration

We have another one of our illustrations in todays URBAN. Check it out…

More to come…

– Jonas and Martin

Tuesday Illustrations LXII

– Martin and Jonas

2011/08/15, 09:55
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A few days ago we had our homie Fille/John Teflon/Louis Beton/Clement to stop by the TOT bunker. We helped him set up a few of his ‘HORENWELT’ designs for clothing print. It turned out really great, but you have to wait ’til they’re done to see them. We’ll post them as soon as Teflon stops by with them.

He had done all of the design, we helped him a bit with the lay-out and setting it up for print.

It was a really fun and spontaneous process. We also got a little drunk. Working with Teflon it’s bound to happen…

Immer Party!

– Martin and Jonas