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– Martin and Jonas


2011/05/06, 07:44
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-Jonas og Martin


We decided to delete our old portfolio and start fresh. We call it our blogfolio and it features selected TOT work that we feel represent us at the moment. Go check it out and if you want to work with us, feel free to send us a mail or give us a call.


– Jonas and Martin

sneak peek
2010/04/20, 12:48
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Hey doods. We already showed you a little bit from this project we did back at christmas time. And now after sailing halfways around the world we finally got the first physical samples of our work. But seeing that the product is’nt officially out on the market yet, we can only show you a little bit. If it all goes well, the full story will follow soon…

– Martin and Jonas

The specktors case

We can’t believe we never posted the full case about the Specktors graphics, considering we did it almost a year ago. We won’t show you all the internet banners and stuff, just the essentials. Check it out…

– Jonas and Martin

First day at the new office
2009/11/29, 23:22
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Even though we still have a lot of fixin up to do at our new office, the newly arrived desk and chairs demanded that we put electrics and plumming aside and started to work. We love our new space and look forward to the new year where we will be up and running on 100%.

A look through the window

The drawing station. How cosy is that?

And a little sneak peek on a big assignment we are working on right now. The whole story will follow soon…

Holla TOT

– Jonas and Martin