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Hey Guys,

Last week we got a call from Oliver Bjerrehus. He wanted us to come as fast as we could to do a wallpainting in his son’s room. He was doing a TV show and his son’s room needed a “makeover”. When he told us he wanted something with skulls we told him he got the right guys for the job. So we got our hustle on and got out the door! Check out the blurry phone pics below!

As always, we start by making a sketch.

Jonas getting started. The camera crew was on us from the start, making it kinda different from how it usually is.

We had to be done before his son got home from school, so it was a little stressful painting while they did all the other stuff!

Finishing up


Oliver and the skulls

We had a lot fun doing this. The whole thing will be on the TV some time in August!

– Jonas and Martin

World Mural

We did this in a private apartment in Nørrebro.

– Martin and Jonas

Tuesday Illustrations LV

Check out the process below…

If you’re a shop owner I could just as easily have written your store name. Don’t hesitate to write us a mail or give us a call if you need some custom art!

Have a good one and thanks for reading!

– Jonas

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It’s all love…

Have a good one…
– Jonas

Tuesday Illustrations LIV

We had some extra time to put into this weeks Tuesday Illustration…

Have a good one…

– Martin and Jonas

Fun board 2/2!

We just finished the second fun board for TAKEOFFER. We think the scenario works really well and we had fun doing it. Check out some pics from the process.

Check out bigger version HERE!

– Martin and Jonas


We´re starting with an apology. We know the posting has been super slow, but we hope to change that now and get back to regular blogging. And what better way to start it with a wallpainting of a flying killer skeleton?

We did this wallpainting last friday at an apartment on Nørrebro. Søren who lives in the apartment, pretty much gave us a blank wall to paint whatever we wanted. Great! Check out our hellrider, we think he turned out super awesome!

Feel free to contact us if you want something like it or something completely different. Write to us at info@totcph.com

– Jonas and Martin

Home made “light table”

Yo, our drawing/light table is broke and we needed another one fast. So we made our own from a broken piece of glass and a busted old lamp. Check out our handyman skills

The glass

Taping up the edges so we don’t cut ourselves… we almost did putting on the tape.

The complete setup… sketchy but working

We needed to redraw this illustration

This is the final illustration. We got hired to do a portrait for a birthday present. We hope he likes it.

– Jonas and Martin

FLASH – Group exhibition at MOHS gallery

Today is the opening day of ‘FLASH’ a Group exhibition at MOHS gallery. 30 tattoo and other artists have been asked to draw their version of a tattoo flash set. And we’re also contributing to the show. We have sneak peeked already and there are some really cool stuff at the show. So put on your winter clothes and come check it out!

The info!

This is our contribution

– Jonas and Martin

exhibit no.1
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This week we took the first steps to our first exhibit. We wanted to do this for a long time and it feels good to get started. Even though the actual thing will not be for some time, here are some teaser pictures…

– Jonas and Martin