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– Martin and Jonas

Family Enlargement
2011/10/17, 12:53
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This weekend our small TOT family got a brand new member. Welcome to LEO!! Can’t wait to get to know you little homie!

– Martin

Tuesday Illustrations LV

Check out the process below…

If you’re a shop owner I could just as easily have written your store name. Don’t hesitate to write us a mail or give us a call if you need some custom art!

Have a good one and thanks for reading!

– Jonas

TOT Quadraat abroad

We drew a font we called TOT Quadraat two years ago… A few people asked to use it and one to get it tattooed

Now this dude Adam from San Francisco asked to use it for a school assignment… It’s cool that people wanna use our designs.

It looks really good Adam…

– Martin and Jonas

Tuesday Illustrations XLVIII

– Martin and Jonas

Tuesday Illustrations XXX

Today is the thirtieth Tuesday Illustrations… We have a lot of fun drawing them every week even though it stresses us out a little bit sometimes too. We hope you enjoy watching them.

– Martin and Jonas