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Model building

Hey guys! Right now we are working on a TV commercial. For this we need to build a model landscape. None of us have ever built anything model before, so its learning by doing, but a lot of fun. Also we have got our very first intern at TOT. His name is Henrik and he is a great guy!  Check out the pics from the first couple of days:


Check back to see how it all ends up – Martin and Jonas









Lossens new tat
2012/01/26, 12:17
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My little brother just got himself a new tat. Design by TOT!

– Martin

‎’The baws of all bawses’ sweatshirt
2011/11/09, 11:52
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Will be ready for sale just in time for christmas! Stay tuned!

– Jonas and Martin

Just emptied my phone…

… apparently I eat a lot of disgusting food. There’s also other stuff.

These are all flicks from my last year in the twenties.
Turning 30 tomorrow.
One midlife crisis coming up…

– Jonas

Family Enlargement
2011/10/17, 12:53
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This weekend our small TOT family got a brand new member. Welcome to LEO!! Can’t wait to get to know you little homie!

– Martin

2011/10/05, 07:45
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Here is the new SPECKTORS video. TOT CPH did the direction and editing.

– Jonas and Martin

Video Out Tomorrow

We just finished editing the new SPECKTORS video. It’ll be out tommorow. Find it HERE.

As always you get some exclusive screendumps at the TOT blog.

– Martin and Jonas

Vector Lounge pics

Last night we were at Vector Lounge CPH VS. BERLIN. It was a great night, a lot of cool artists and our drawing turned out good. The topic was “Fucked up politicians”, so we drew a big fat corporate pig. Check out some pics…

The TOT CPH fan group. Thanks for the support guys!

Morten F.C

We had a blast! We will give you a heads up when you can vote for us, and help us win the whole thing. Thanks to Ida, Lisa and Marco for doing Vector Lounge, we need more stuff like that!

Oh, by the way, here’s a video from the last Vector Lounge vs. Paris. See if you can spot us…

Draw your own line series: I from Vector Lounge on Vimeo.

– Jonas and Martin