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Model building

Hey guys! Right now we are working on a TV commercial. For this we need to build a model landscape. None of us have ever built anything model before, so its learning by doing, but a lot of fun. Also we have got our very first intern at TOT. His name is Henrik and he is a great guy!  Check out the pics from the first couple of days:


Check back to see how it all ends up – Martin and Jonas










Lossens new tat
2012/01/26, 12:17
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My little brother just got himself a new tat. Design by TOT!

– Martin

‎’The baws of all bawses’ sweatshirt
2011/11/09, 11:52
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Will be ready for sale just in time for christmas! Stay tuned!

– Jonas and Martin

Just emptied my phone…

… apparently I eat a lot of disgusting food. There’s also other stuff.

These are all flicks from my last year in the twenties.
Turning 30 tomorrow.
One midlife crisis coming up…

– Jonas

Family Enlargement
2011/10/17, 12:53
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This weekend our small TOT family got a brand new member. Welcome to LEO!! Can’t wait to get to know you little homie!

– Martin