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Yo guys. We are very happy to let you know, that we will part of the Copenhagen team when we battle Paris, thursday the 19th of may. For those of you who don’t know what Vector Lounge is, it’s a graphic battle event between graphic designers and illustrators representing their city. The danish team consists of Jakob Tolstrup, Jody Barton, Miss Lotion and yours truly. We think it’s a great team and we can’t wait to kick some Paris ass!

It would be cool if you came and cheered for your city and TOT.

Read more about Vector Lounge here.

Facebook event here.

– Jonas and Martin


didn’t spend my time playing soccer, sucka!
2010/03/19, 10:33
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This friday you can find us at our neighbour Mohs Gallery drinking beer and hanging out up until tonight when we are playing a show in Roskilde with Specktors. Jakob Tolstrup is having an exhibit; “Didn’t spend my time playing soccer” (neither did we!). We’ve been sneek-peeking his works during this week and we can assure you it’ll be worth a visit.

Jakob has been borrowing the secret catacombs only to be reached through the TOT bunker to spray some of his stuff. So we’ve been breathing toxic fumes for the good of art!

Hope to see a lot of you!

Mohs Gallery link!
Jakob Tolstrup link!

– Martin and Jonas