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Hey Guys,

Last week we got a call from Oliver Bjerrehus. He wanted us to come as fast as we could to do a wallpainting in his son’s room. He was doing a TV show and his son’s room needed a “makeover”. When he told us he wanted something with skulls we told him he got the right guys for the job. So we got our hustle on and got out the door! Check out the blurry phone pics below!

As always, we start by making a sketch.

Jonas getting started. The camera crew was on us from the start, making it kinda different from how it usually is.

We had to be done before his son got home from school, so it was a little stressful painting while they did all the other stuff!

Finishing up


Oliver and the skulls

We had a lot fun doing this. The whole thing will be on the TV some time in August!

– Jonas and Martin

And one more for KLASHY

If you know of KLASHY, you know why the design is a badass panda!

– Jonas and Martin

2011/05/12, 13:29
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Behind the scenes. Video out tomorrow here.

– Martin and Jonas


Yo guys. We are very happy to let you know, that we will part of the Copenhagen team when we battle Paris, thursday the 19th of may. For those of you who don’t know what Vector Lounge is, it’s a graphic battle event between graphic designers and illustrators representing their city. The danish team consists of Jakob Tolstrup, Jody Barton, Miss Lotion and yours truly. We think it’s a great team and we can’t wait to kick some Paris ass!

It would be cool if you came and cheered for your city and TOT.

Read more about Vector Lounge here.

Facebook event here.

– Jonas and Martin

2011/05/06, 07:44
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-Jonas og Martin


Hey dudes. We had a great weekend; poster release, a small gig and lots of partying!

And a big thanks to the people who showed up at TOT and got a poster. If you didn’t make it, there is still some left. Send us an email if you’re interested.

Gettin’ ready for visitors

Chillin on the TOT stairs

The boss… and Yogi

More chillin

Anna Banana

Almighty Brech


Owner of ‘Klubben’, SPECKTORS producer and radio personality, Snakeboi

Peter and Tim


Chillin before soundcheck

Bremen stage

Poo cake

The Cannibal helped us hook up our new dotcom

His awesome guitar collection

The t-800 helped us out

Check it out here!

Have a great week…

– Martin and Jonas


We bring you the first TOT poster collection. Today we got the prints and on friday oct. 1st you can get your hands on them! They have been printed in 35×50 cm on 150 gr. Whiteback in an edition of 40 of each. We think they look super cool and hopefully they will catch your interest.

– Jonas and Martin

Slow Bloggin’ we know…
2010/09/24, 11:53
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Yo all,

we’re not blogging that much these days, we know. But we’re super busy and that is a good thing.

At the moment we’re working on a pornsite, some cartoon DVD covers, a zombie flyer, a design for a huge bar in Jylland and the ‘TOTCPH-BOSS-POSTER-COLLECTION’ is right around the corner. So we should have a lot to blog about within long…

Have a great weekend y’all!

– Martin and Jonas

Pelles birthday bash
2010/07/12, 13:10
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Yo, here is a couple of flicks from our concert at Pelle´s birthday. We had an awesome party!

Photos by the cheesemaster P A T to the OOOO…

See you in sun…

– Martin