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Heart illustration

We did a small illustration for a new Copenhagen club… c-c-check it out!

– Jonas and Martin


Much more Specktors design to come…

Stay tuned!

– Jonas and Martin

New specktors video
2012/03/30, 09:01
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Hey guys, check out the new SPECKTORS video. Directed and edited by TOT of course! Check it out…

– Jonas and Martin


Hey Guys,

Last week we got a call from Oliver Bjerrehus. He wanted us to come as fast as we could to do a wallpainting in his son’s room. He was doing a TV show and his son’s room needed a “makeover”. When he told us he wanted something with skulls we told him he got the right guys for the job. So we got our hustle on and got out the door! Check out the blurry phone pics below!

As always, we start by making a sketch.

Jonas getting started. The camera crew was on us from the start, making it kinda different from how it usually is.

We had to be done before his son got home from school, so it was a little stressful painting while they did all the other stuff!

Finishing up


Oliver and the skulls

We had a lot fun doing this. The whole thing will be on the TV some time in August!

– Jonas and Martin

Straight up modelling yo

My friend Jonas did an exhibit of tatooed people for his photo exam. He asked me to “model”. Of course i agreed to help him out.

It was a lot of fun and the photos turned out great! Check 2 of them out below… Check out Jonas’ cool stuff HERE.

– Jonas

And one more for KLASHY

If you know of KLASHY, you know why the design is a badass panda!

– Jonas and Martin

Another tshirt design from TOT

We are doing alot of tshirt design these days. This one is for PATO.

– Jonas and Martin