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Yet another ‘Step By Step’

Yo dudes,

I found some time today to do what i love second most in life… just draw. I needed a little something for my white walls at home so I decided to draw myself a skull poster and do a ‘step by step’ post at the same time… Here goes:

I sketched up the same skull as we painted on our wall just ’cause I love so much!

I ended up writing ‘DILLIGAF’ because the eye in the forehead kinda looks like it doesn’t…

All done with the line work. Here goes the filling and then the details…

There was a lot of filling… That’s not the fun part I tells ya…

‘nuf said…

Details… That’s the fun part. Now the illustration really starts looking done…

A little goo on the lettering…

…and it’s done! Now I just need to crop it.

And from here it goes on my wall…

By the way Devil John stopped by and had a wild time as usual!

Oh, and last night I did this ‘Eternal Damnation’ illustration.

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

– Jonas


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This is just great.. Damn good work, and nice to see the process..!

Comment by Thomas Felbo

Thanks Thomas… And thanks for reading the blog!

Comment by totftw

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