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Going to the country gonna eat a lot pork…

This weekend instead of going to Roskilde Kid, Esben and myself went to Skævinge to visit out good friend Breden at his sweet spot in the middle of nowhere. We took our bikes and just went for it. It was a great route for biking but I didn’t really take as many photos as I wanted so the ones below are kinda crummy.

Hydrating before the trip. Esben got his bike from the dealer the same day…

Our first stop… a gas station in Holte. It was hot as hell so a couple of Filur sodapops was awesome.

Kid, Esben and myself taking a pitstop in Hillerød. We were pretty tired at that point.

Back in the saddle and almost at Bredens house.

Kid and me looking tired in our biking outfits. We wore it under our normal clothes so we wouldn’t look like complete idiots. Kid’s probably gonna kick my ass for putting this pic on the blog…

Bredens hooked us up with a badass porkroast! It had the crispyist pork grind ever (sorry grandma).


Oh, a dude who was at Roskilde sent me an MMS with a picture of this dude in a SPECKTORS tee… Don’t know who he is, but he looks kinda crazy…

I hope you all had a great Roskilde… Now get out in the sun!

– Jonas


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Fuck me, he looks like Simon Kvamm

Comment by Uhrbrand

Whoever he is, I mind on the pork how it was being cooked. Have you tried it half-cooked, hot and spicy with your preferred gin?

Comment by nuje

No, I’ve never tried it like that but it sounds good… It was my friend who cooked it, so all I know is that he threw it on the grill and that it was totally awesome! MMMMM…

Comment by totftw

Yeah. I like the skinny part. Looks like so crunchy. And I like to bite a slice while hot. Of course I will enjoy it more when shared with friends. Foods like that needs gin for fats burning 😀 Cheers! Would you like to learn how I could cooked like that with just a casserole and fuel wood?

Comment by nuje

Hey Nuje,
yes… that sounds interesting. Let us know how you cook it… Thanks!

Comment by totftw

Jonas…damn you!

Comment by KID

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