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Specktors tee competition winners!

First of all, thanks for all the funny, nasty and boss contributions. It´s been great opening our mail each morning and finding new skulls and kind words. You guys are awesome! It´s been extremely hard choosing nominees and even harder to find a winner. So we decided to have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Without further ado we bring you the winners:

First place:

Congrats Mille. We really like your skull and think you solved the task perfectly, painting a great skull and adding a cool detail with the danish graduation hat and a subtle upside-down cross. Awesome! You´ve won the custom t-shirt, the SPECKTORS skulls tee and a signed copy of our cd SHANKSVILLE.

Second place:

Lucas, we love this dancing skull homie fully equipped with vest, shank and flip-cap. He totally looks like a dude we would love to party with. You´ve won a regular eyeball tee and a signed copy of SHANKSVILLE.

Third place:

Rikke’s skull is really nicely executed and with cool details. We love the high-heel bones! You´ve won a regular eyeball tee.

These are the rest of the skulls. As you will see there are alot of excellent and crazy stuff. We love all of them!

Check the big size here.

We will contact the winners by mail and once again thanks so much for your effort and your support!

– Jonas and Martin


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