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The danaweb wallpaintings

Hey guys. So, last week we finished the last of the wall paintings for internet company DanaWeb. We have been out there to paint before, but this time they wanted 4 new ones. They had some different and a little crazy ideas for what they wanted, but it was fun for us to try something new. We were kinda busy the whole time so we don’t have that many pictures of the process, but we managed to get some video and final shots. Check it out…

This illustration was made specifically for the coder department. Apparently they all love SpongeBob, so we drew him and his sidekick standing on top of pile of various nerd stuff…

We did a speed-up video of the Spongebob wall… check it out:

The finished wall

For their cafeteria we drew a diner sign and wanted to do a whole classic diner theme, but DanaWeb wanted some food to surround it as well. But it turned out good and it was kinda fun to paint a huge roasted chicken on a wall…

Based on a sentence from a seminar they had at their office once, Danaweb wanted a painting of a lion mom with her cubs and the sentence over them.

The final wall painting was in done in their reception. They have a big aquarium and wanted us to paint all the fish from the tank and their latin and regular names on the wall beside it. The idea is that you can look at the wall and afterwards try to find the fish in the tank.

Finally we did a small video of all the paintings. It has been really great to put our touch on a company like we did and we can’t wait to do more like this.

– Jonas and Martin


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Comment by Tha Rose

Det er fucking sejt. Det ser ud til, I har super skills

Comment by Jimbo

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