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Tats, Cityfellaz, Hotdogs, work and moving!
2009/11/23, 14:14
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As you can tell we have a lot to do with our time. We are busy as ever. Still working hard to get our new office space ready. We keep getting surprised about how much work that goes into getting everything done. But now after tearing down the walls, putting up dry wall, putting up a ceiling, painting and doing electrics and a million other things we are aaalmost there. We can’t wait to invite you all down. Now it’s off to Ikea to get some desks!

Our good friend Kid came by to look at the new office ( and help wash windows) Thanks homie!

Eating like kings! Thanks mumu…

In between working our asses of we found time to play around. And what better way to use spare time then draw on each other. Jonas10’s big bro Rasmus came by jon’s crib to do some home tattooing. I decided on nothing less then Mr.Lucifer himself. Sorry Mom!

Rasmus doing his thing.


Jon showing his coffee pot and his coffee pot.

It was a long but fun night. Thanks Rasmus!

Last week I also got this shark with boxing gloves. This is the work of Amina from Brightside Tattoo.

Here we are at the Copenhagen Skatepark where we played models for a day when Gasque from Cityfellaz asked us to wear some of his boss clothes for the upcoming Cityfellaz lookbook. It was a fun night and a great party.

Le Monstre himself Gasque.

Snake Boi hangin out in photographer Simon Weyhe‘s cosy office.

It’s gonna be fun to see how the pictures will turn out. Modelling is not our strong side!

That’s it for now. Catch y’all later

– Martin


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