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the end is nigh…

…at least for all the SPECKTORS artwork. We realized we’ve been working on this since May, so it’s nice to finally wrap things up. We see this as our best TOT work yet and we can’t wait to hear what you think. But we aren’t revealing everything yet. The cover will be presented and our process explained after the release date 09.09.09.


Specktors manager Tiny Poo (lille Pølle) rockin’ his Versaces happy that everything is going almost as planned.


The SPECKTORS CeeDees arrived. We were excited to check the outcome of months of hard work!


As mentioned we won’t show the cover artwork just yet. Here’s a little teaser though.


The SPECKTORS sticker. Remember the date!


Hopefully you will see this all over town the next couple of weeks


It’s not that we do a lot of erasing, it’s just that we don’t have any money to buy new ones


Next project is a mural at this dudes flat. It’s gonna be a super rad robot raising hell!


Still wrapping up… This is artwork for the SPECKTORS tees coming real soon!


Tortellini/Mozzarella/Faxe Kondi… What!?

See you in the club, bottle full of bub…

– Martin and Jonas


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