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2009/04/24, 21:01
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Yo Riders. It’s been a while, we know. At the moment we are so busy its borderline ridiculous. We spend the entire last week in the Black Cheese studio recording vocals for the SPECKTORS debut album and this week listening to the roughs AND writing lyrics for new songs…  Whilst working on sketches for a wall mural we’re doing this weekend for an internet company. So as you can tell, we have our hands full. Nevertheless we found time to get another tattoo. This time from Jonas’ big brother Rasmus who has decided to pursue a life long dream of becoming a tattoo artist. To help out TOT decided to lend him each a leg…

Looking through Rasmus’ designs…hard to pick just one.skitser

The geargear

Rasmus getting ready for his very first  tattoo… he was kinda nervousjonas10_rasmus

And there he goes…joenastee_tat

Check out the “intense-backpain-tomorrow-workpose”wanr_tat1

Big bad wolf.bigbadwolf_ftw1

Wow! Still can’t believe this was his first tattoo’s ever! Talk about talent. Thank you Rasmus. You’re welcome in the bunker anytime… as long as you bring your kit!

Holla T O T


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