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2009/01/24, 13:36
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Yesterday was the grand opening of the UNTITLED exhibition at Gallery WAS were TOT was represented with a huge mural. The whole idea with the show were that the artists painted with a special blend of fluorescent paint only visible in UV light. So the first two hours of the show the guests saw nothing but white walls. But then of course the UV lights turned on and turned all of WAS into a glowing artscape. The placed were packed and people seemed to enjoy the show.

Below are some pictures from the gallery and the show.


Jonas starting up


We had to work in UV light almost the whole time, which kinda messed us up a little bit.


Of course TOT had to be included


Long live the dead!


Almost done…outsidewas

Outside WAS at the opening. The place was packed…


Our man Sluzh getting the party started


Inside WAS


Almighty Skelle glowing in all his might!

We had a great time and want to thank everybody at WAS and the ones who defied the freezing weather and showed up to show some love.


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YOU guysss, rocks. that piece got down woth the Wonder crowd. grrrrrrrrrrrr


Comment by Simon

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